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The Crèche and After School services at Obair are impressive to both children and parents in equal measure. Large, light-filled and spacious areas mean that there is lots of room for the important business of fun and games, along with sleeping, eating, and changing too!

  • Every need and eventuality is catered for, and full-time nurturing supervision in Tusla approved ratios is a given by Obair’s childcare staff, whatever the activity.
  • Meals are prepared on site in specialised cooking facilities and served in a purpose-designed dining area.
  • Monitored sleep rooms are equipped to a high standard and are spacious, cool and peaceful where no need goes untended.
  • All facilities such as toilets, activity benches, changing facilities and outdoor play equipment, are sized and designed age-appropriately, and always with the highest standards of safety and hygiene in mind.
  • We encourage a multi-cultural ethos in the crèche and have lots of fun learning new words in new languages!
  • Safety and security is a priority at Obair community crèche. Entrance is only through identification by intercom or by staff members, and children are collected only by adults authorised to do so.

Staff members at the crèche are devoted to the care of your children, and their happiness and wellbeing. Please make an appointment to visit Obair Community Crèche if you’d like to see for yourself – seeing is believing!

Seasonal Crafts at the Afterschool Project

Seasonal Crafts at the Afterschool Project

Who is this service for?

Childcare services available at Obair Community Crèche are for all families living in Newmarket-on-Fergus and surrounding areas.

What are your opening hours?

Monday – Friday

8am – 6pm

What childcare options are open to me?

Drop in and talk to us about the options available:

  • Full day care service – we are open from 8am to 6pm
  • Part-time – morning or afternoon place, depending on need
  • Sessional – morning or afternoon session, again depending on need
  • ECCE places – free pre-school place for a year or up to 2 years, depending on your circumstances – contact us for more details
  • After-school club – homework supervision followed by free play and hot dinner
  • Camps – we offer full or part time childcare for school age children during periods of school closures such as mid terms and holidays
  • National Childcare Scheme Fees and Calendar:
  • NCS Fees 2022
  • Staff
All creche staff follow Aistear curriculum Framework. Aistear is the curriculum framework from birth to 6 years in Ireland. It provides us the childcare professionals with information to help us to plan and provide both enjoyable and challenging learning so that all of the children in our care grow and develop as competent and confident learners.
All staff are fully qualified with Fetac level 5/ QQI Level 6 or BA Honours Degree in  Early Childhood Studies and Practice. Manual handling / child protection / First aid and some with First aid responder training.


Our Baby room caters for children aged 3 months to 2 years. Our Toddler room 2 to 3 years. Our Preschool is for ages 3 to 5 years with the aim of preparing and getting the children ready for primary school.

What are the different schemes/programmes available in the creche and After Schools?

We offer the following schemes/programmes:

  • Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) programme
  • Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) scheme
  • Training and Employment Childcare (TEC) programme

Are there free ECCE places on offer?

Yes – please contact us or drop in to find out more.

Is there access to TEC places?

Yes – please contact us or drop in to find out more.

Are there CCS places on offer?

Yes – please contact us or drop in to find out more.

Are meals provided?

Yes – breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided, cooked on site, depending on the childcare option you choose.

Is there an outside play area?

An enclosed, wheelchair accessible, well-equipped and fully supervised, safety-surfaced outdoor play area is available to your child when weather permits! We like to give children every opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the fun available there

Outdoor Play at Obair Community Creche

Outdoor Play at Obair Community Creche

Can you tell me more about the CCS programme?

The Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme is targeted to help children from low-income households access quality early education and childcare services.  The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) pays for a portion of the childcare costs for eligible children, with the parent paying the remainder.

Under this programme we offer Full day care places, Part-time places and Sessional places

The CCS programme follows the school year. If you are an eligible parent, to register your child in September:

  • IMGP0498Your child must be under 15 years of age on 1 September
  • You must state the number of days the child is being enrolled and the type of childcare place required, e.g. full time, part time or sessional
  • You must provide the child’s date of birth
  • You must fall under one of the following categories, Band A, Band AJ or Band B.
  • A Parent Declaration form must be completed, for this you must provide both your own and your child’s Personal Public Service Number (PPSN).

For further information on this programme please contact us or alternatively there are further details about the CCS programme on the Department of Children and Youth Affairs website www.dcya.gov.ie

Can you tell me more about the ECCE scheme?

The state’s Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme (ECCE) is an initiative to provide a free pre-school year for children before they start primary school.  The ECCE Scheme provides a free year of early childhood care and education for children of pre-school age. In general, children are eligible for the ECCE scheme if they are aged over 3 years 2 months and less than 4 years 7 months on 1 September of the year that they will be starting.  All children within the age bracket are eligible for a free placement of up to 3 hours per day, Monday to Friday for 38 weeks over one year. From September 2016, children will be able to start ECCE when they reach 3 years of age and continue until they transfer to primary school (provided that they are not older than 5 years and 6 months at the end of the pre-school year). This increases the number of weeks available on the ECCE scheme. Children will be able to enroll in pre-school at 3 different points in the year (September, January and April) in order to access the scheme.

IMGP0493For further information on this scheme please contact us or alternatively there are further details about the ECCE programme on the Department of Children and Youth Affairs website www.dcya.gov.ie

Full ECCE List and Calendar:

ECCE Fees and Calendar 2022

Can you tell me more about the TEC programmes?

The objective of the TEC Programmes is to support parents on eligible training courses and eligible categories of parents returning to work, by providing funded childcare places.  The allocation of places under the scheme is managed by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, via the City and County Childcare Committees (CCC’s).

If you would like more information about the TEC Programmes or to check if you can access a TEC place please contact us or drop in to find out more. Or alternatively there is further information available on the Department of Children and Youth Affairs website www.dcya.gov.ie

There are three TEC Programmes and Obair offer access to all three, they are as follows:

  • Childcare Education and Training Support programme (CETS)

The CETS Programme formerly catered for FAS and VEC training course participants and now provides childcare on behalf of the Local Education and Training Boards and Solas.

  1. After-School Child Care programme (ASCC)

The ASCC is administered on behalf of the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and provides afterschool care for primary school children for certain categories of working parents and parents on DSP employment programmes (not including Community Employment).

  1. Community Employment Childcare programme (CEC)

The CEC is administered on behalf of the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and provides childcare for children of parents who are participating on Community Employment schemes.


Obair Community Crèche and After School Project are funded directly by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) and the Department of Social Protection (DSP). This funding is administered through Pobal. We would like to thank Pobal for their continued support. We currently operate the Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) scheme, the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) scheme and the Training and Employment Childcare (TEC) Programmes through the National Childcare Investment Programme (NCIP) under the guidelines of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) and under the rules of the Community Services Programme (CSP).


There is so much to learn about Obair Community Crèche that only a visit will accomplish. Contact us to arrange a visit. We will be happy to show you around as we take great pride in our Community Crèche!

This project is supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development and Pobal through the Community Services Programme





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Child Safeguarding Statement 2018

Colourful Toddler Room!

Colourful Toddler Room!

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