Vaccinations-1 Year Later

Week 51 update!!!
A little bit of hope came our way this week when the Covid AstraZeneca vaccine was rolled out to the staff and volunteers of the Meals on Wheels service. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. The Meals on Wheels is a HSE supported service and we were delighted to get the call from them this week to avail of vaccinations. A further 2 days of vaccinations will occur in the coming days with a separate Pfizer vaccination clinic for any staff or volunteers in the over 70s bracket.
The work carried out by staff and volunteers is essential to ensuring that older people are kept safe. Volunteers are the backbone of this organisation alongside our core staff. We have tried to keep everyone safe for the past year by working safe to protect each other from this deadly virus. This vaccine will protect the service and ensure it continues.
Well done everyone
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